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Statehood and Voting Rights in DC -- A Brief History

1800  Congress and the President move to Washington, DC.

1801  Congress passes the Organic Act, terminating voting rights in DC.

1961  Congress restores the District's right to vote for President.

1964  Voters in the District cast their first vote for President.

1968  Congress creates an elected Board of Education for DC.

1970  Congress grants the District a nonvoting House delegate.

1973  Home Rule is passed giving DC an elected Mayor and Council. *

1974  First Mayor, Walter Washington, is elected.

1982  Voters approve creation of Shadow Senator and Representative.

1990  First Shadow Senator and Representative elected.

1993  New Columbia Admissions Act (To make DC a State) Defeated.

2006  Michael Brown elected Senator; outlook for statehood improves.

2009  DCVRA - DC Voting Rights Act (giving the District one voting member in the House of Representatives) defeated in the Senate.

2011  H.R. 265 introduced in the house. New Columbia Admissions Act to give the District of Columbia statehood. Additional Bills granting the District budget autonomy, legal autonomy and representation in both houses of Congress also introduced.

2012  H.R. 265 gets 18 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.

* No significant advances in getting our Full Voting Rights, becoming a State or improving Home  Rule have taken place since 1973. Almost forty years of Congressional inaction is enough. We need to join together to demand the rights to which we are entitled now! - Join the Revolution.


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