Michael D. Brown for Senate 2012
   Working for Statehood.  Working for You.

About the Campaign

Now more than ever, we need to push for equal representation in both houses of Congress. We need to have autonomy over our budget; we need to have control over our local legal system; in other words, we need to be like other American citizens -- We need to be equal -- We need to be a state !

That's why I'm running for re-election as your Shadow Senator.

A recent nationwide poll showed that 82% of the American people support our right to full representation.  We need to find ways to use this support  to put our fight for equal rights on the national agenda. We need to start a revolution. Our battle to secure equal rights has become too localized, making it easy for Congress to ignore. This is why I started Teach Democracy - DC, a non-profit group that uses the existing school system in all 50 states to take our fight to the American people.

With 32 years experience in national politics, I am finding creative ways to bring America into our struggle for equality and statehood. Thomas Jefferson said "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." The most basic right of our democracy is equal representation. 

Our founding fathers did not mean to disenfranchise 618,000 loyal American citizens when they created Washington. We pay our taxes, we fight in wars, we do everything our country asks of us and more. In return we get treated like second class citizens. It's time to say " No more; this injustice must be fixed. "

Join our grass roots campaign to bring full democracy to DC and make it the 51st state.

I started my campaign with a handful of volunteers and it's quickly spreading across Washington. People are beginning to realize that equal representation in Congress is not just something we deserve; it's also something we need.  We loose more that two billion dollars every year by not being able to tax the 72% of people that work in Washington but live in other states. We are the only jurisdiction in America where this is true.

Every day more and more people are joining our Revolution of ideas; and every day we are finding new ways turn our ideas into action. Civil disobedience, media campaigns, reaching out to people all across America in order to resolve this injustice that has stood for far too long. Join with us in changing the future of Washington, DC and finally fulfilling the promise of democracy that Jefferson set forth more than 200 years ago. Together we can make a difference. Click on Join the Revolution on the menu to the left and get involved today. 




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